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Lounge Chair Covers Wholesale

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Luxury Chaise Lounge Cushion Cover
$ 22.09

Lounge Chair Covers Wholesale, Beach Chair Covers Wholesale

The backyard lounge chair is a staple of many American homes across the country. Whether by the pool or just on the back porch, the lounge chair is a highly popular piece of outdoor furniture. However, it is also subject to the ultraviolet rays of the sun along with the elements. This is why business owners looking to expand their customer base seek lounge chair covers wholesale for their own inventory and as promotional items.

What are Beach Chair Covers with Pockets Wholesale?

These are covers that go over the standard design of lounge chairs. They provide an extra removable layer which protects the cushions themselves from the sun, wind, and the elements. Such covers are stain resistant, easy to maintain, and extend the life of the lounge chair at a minimal cost.


There are several advantages to purchasing lounge chair covers wholesale from our store, starting with their low price. You get a high-quality product that can be stocked in your inventory for sales or promotional use.

  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Holds Up to the Elements

Popular: There is little doubt about the popularity of these covers, especially in the late spring when the temperatures warm and people get ready for summer.

Beach Chair Covers Wholesale

Getting lounge chair covers wholesale means getting a popular item that will never go out of style. The covers are durable, colorful, and quite popular. Obtaining lounge chair covers wholesale from our store means you get a highly desired item at a low cost for your own sales or promotional use.