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Wholesale Bath Sheets

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White Bath Sheets Bulk 35" x 70" 100% Cotton 24 lbs/doz
$ 18.36
White Bath Sheets Bulk 35 x 70 100% Cotton 26 lbs/doz
$ 24.14
Wholesale 34" x 68" Premium quality Heavy Bath Sheet (24 pcs)
$ 196.60
Wholesale 30" x 60" Cotton Assorted Bath Sheets (30 pcs)
$ 200.50
Wholesale 39" x 59" Premium quality Bath Sheet (24 pcs)
$ 227.80

Bath Sheet Towels Wholesale, Cheap Bath Sheet Towels

A bath sheet is equivalent to bath towel except that the size of it is bigger than a simple bath towel. To make you dried off completely, or cover more, bath sheets are stress-free and cozy. That is why most people choose bath sheets over bath towels.

Alpha Cotton brings you the best and excellent bath sheets in bulk in cheap prices. With Alpha Cottons luxurious bath sheets you can have more absorbency in one go. We sell bath sheets in different colors and sizes. There is nothing more elegant than involving in a luxurious sheet or towel, after a hot bath or shower activity. Our online store is flooded with massive variety of bath sheets. The best thing about Alpha Cotton is that we deal with these bath sheets in wholesale prices.

Cheap Bath Sheets, Cheap Bath Sheets Online

Made entirely from 100% Egyptian cotton, our bath sheets are available in bulk. The high quality material of these bath sheets make them weigh more so that they absorb more water as compare to any other conventional bath sheets. Having especially kept in mind your budget, our deluxe bath sheets are great economical choice for you. Either you are a business entrepreneur or a family head, our bath sheets are ideal for your spa, hotel or house. Alpha Cotton offers bath sheet towels in bulk in cheap prices.