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Wholesale Golf Towels

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Port Authority Microfiber Golf Towel
$ 4.19
Port Authority Grommeted Microfiber Golf Towel
$ 4.57
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Port Authority Waffle Microfiber Golf Towel
$ 5.39
Port Authority Grommeted Golf Towel
$ 6.74
Port Authority Grommeted Tri-Fold Golf Towel
$ 6.74

Wholesale Golf Towels, Wholesale Golf Towels Personalized

A good golf towel is something that is not appreciated until it is needed. That is why your business can benefit from purchasing wholesale golf towels that can be used as promotional items. You can purchase blank gold towels wholesale and use them for special events. Or, you can buy wholesale golf towels bulk and have them customized with your logo, design, and color scheme of your business.

Microfiber Golf Towels Bulk, Microfiber Golf Towels Wholesale

A good golf towel is no ordinary towel. The good ones have a microfiber design that makes it highly durable, yet soft and usable for wiping off golf clubs. The towels can also be used to dry the hands before striking the ball. While the history of golf towels goes back many years, it was relatively recently when towels designed strictly for the course were created.

Advantages of Blank Golf Towels Wholesale, Plain Golf Towels Bulk

A good golf towel offers plenty of benefits for the player, but for the business there are a number of advantages in terms of promotional possibilities.

  • Golf functions
  • Charity events
  • Promotional giveaways & more

If your customer base consists of golfers, then you have a ready-made promotional tool in your hands.

Golf Towels Bulk, Cheap Golf Towels Bulk, Bulk Blank Golf Towels

Making business deals over a golf game is nothing new. But using wholesale golf towels as part of your marketing efforts can open up a frontier of possibilities. Whether you choose to purchase blank golf towels wholesale or have them personalized with your company name, logo, and color design, your marketing will benefit when you buy the high-quality golf towels from our catalog.